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“Consistency and accuracy instills believability” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Brief Intro

Woow communications is committed to protect the strength of your brand so that it consistently adds value to your company.  Clearly defined brand guidelines (also known as ‘brand book’ or  ‘style guide’) fulfill this by defining do’s and don’ts  and set the standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces, color
palette and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging, online and other means of communications.  It is an attempt to describe the importance and usage of your brand elements to keep your brand’s identity intact. 

Why is it important?

- Ensure consistency in, and, control over the visual appearance and usage of brand elements across all customer touch points.

- No need to re-do designing / branding exercise if things are done in the right order from the initial stage of your business based on guidelines.

- Gives direction to designers to ensure a unified look and feel in every new piece of collateral and marketing material being developed.

What we do?

- We provide customized brand guidelines by way of a manual for anyone who uses your brand and its components in their work.

- Our competent team ensures that brand guidelines demonstrate the relationship between your company and other parties associated with you, i.e.  your customers, suppliers, employees, channel partners, business partners, investors, journalists, designers and marketing agencies. 

- We give detailed brand book encompassing design layout and grids, tone of voice, display guidelines for logo, website layout, brochure layout, merchandise applications and editorial guidelines etc to make sure entire spectrum of your bases are covered.
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