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“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” – William Bernbach

Brief intro

We at Woow Communications have learnt that it is increasinlgly more important to be found by your potential buyuer than you finding your customer.  Hence we practice  conducting intensive campaign that consist of series of marketing activities aimed at promoting  a specific, brand benefits or brand proposition. Woow communications offers the most comprehensive campaign development solution twith
an objective of increasing your return on investments.

Why is it important?

- Focused campaings are a must for creating brand awareness for a new product or service.

- Long term sales goals can be achieved  using steady ad and sales campaigns

- To match the pace with shifting purchasing habits from traditional stores to e-commerce / m-commerce.

- To generate buzz through mass communications using print media, outdoor media, radio, corporate websites, editorials , blogs, dirct mails etc

What we do?

Rather than  depending on a mediocre ideas, we work hard to develop campaign after  well thought out research with a focus on details and execution, Our creative team designs engaging campaigns considering the ongoing trends and changing habits of your targe audience.

- Lead generation campaigns are focused marketing process of stimulationg and capturing interest to develop sales.  We plan such campaigns keeping in mind the technological trends leading to shift in consumer buying behaviour.

- An effective sales campaign consists of several steps. We make every effort to develop a full-scale sales campaign using medias like direct mail, emails, SMS, telemarkeing etc. to assure that our clients achieve specified objectives successfully.

We design multiple loayalty programms by creating targeted promtions, rewarding loyal customers,defining redemptions rules based on customer’s profiles and  assign them to loyalty campaigns.
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