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“Integrated Marketing is obviously a common sense, but amazingly still not common practice.”  - Peter

Fisk, CEO, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Brief intro

Rapid changes in the marketing landscape and technological convergence are forcing marketers to deliver holistic integrated marketing solutions.  Our techniques consider all touch points that your customer has with your brand to provide well integrated communication.  Our service efforts are directed to emphasize each element of your marketing campaign in a way that moves prospects toward a purchasing decision.

Why is it important?

- To reinforce seamless and multi-dimensional brand experience that strengthens the brand’s ultimate message.

- IMC supports usage of multiple media platforms to make your brand accessible on the go.

- To strengthen consistent brand communication to using a mix of traditional and digital media

What we do?

We at Woow communications combine various tools of IMC using different media to achieve desired objective of your marketing communications strategy.

- We use advertising to spread awareness, brand recall, while sales promotion is directed to induce your consumers for immediate sales boost.

- Using tools like direct marketing (direct mails, catalogs, telemarketing, internet etc.) and personal selling allow you to be selective and customized in your approach.

- We make every effort through strong Public relation techniques executing the actionable program to earn acceptance among intended audience.

Using direct marketing to follow up an advertising campaign and linking the sales promotion to a dedicated website page is an example of integrated marketing communication that we plan and follow for our clients.
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