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“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore, author and consultant

Brief Intro

The real success of promoting and selling your products / services in the online world, to a large extent, depends on measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing initiatives.  Especially what today’s  companies & E-commerce players need is web analytics, quantifying and evaluating the actual performance of web marketing efforts.  It reflects accurate data in the form of visually appealing reports or graphs, to enable us to make informed business decisions. Avail Woow Communication’s in-depth web analytics services to see into the hearts and minds of your web visitors and to really know them. We have certified web analytics with valuable experience in using a range of web analytics tools. They make every effort to give you an insight on multitude of factors, like number of visitors visiting your site, the click rate on a banner or display ad, the bounce rate of your page etc.   Our clients get complete review of their online performance along with the ways to improve and evolve web marketing or business processes.

Why is it important?

- It provides key visitor information to give you an estimate on how your online presence is functioning.

- Data  reveals how people behave on your landing pages giving insights to improve the web experience of your online visitors

- To get data in clear formats about the website traffic, target audience location, product preference etc. through customized reports.

- To improve site performance by tracking conversion rate and determining whether your ROI is improving or not.

- To carry out A/B testing to look for answers to question like which website design works best for your organizational needs.

What we do?

Following are some of the results our Web Analytics services generate for our clients:

o Location of the visitors and the duration of their stay on  the website

o Details of pages visited and the duration of stay page wise

o Success rate of every page

o List of products that visitors looked most frequently

o Websites that have sent the most number of visitors as well as the most sale conversions.

o Keywords that have provided highest traffic and purchase action.
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